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New Nikon camera body news…..

Every so often an E-mail drops into my box with words I have been waiting for, literally for years. As a DX body user (a Nikon D300), I’ve been waiting for this part of the range to be updated. It was released back in 2007 and the D300s (which is pretty much the same camera with a video option), was released back in 2009 so I’ve been waiting about 3-4 years for a proper upgrade. So it was with trepidation I opened the E-Mail from a large camera outlet here in the UK that announced a new Nikon camera body. Would it FINALLY be time? Has the Nikon D400 / equivalent been released?

Unbelievably the answer was NO. It would not. Instead they would be releasing the D610, yet another full frame camera. In this case it’s meant to address the many issues that the D600 had which was only introduced ONE year ago. What a poke in the eye for those D600 owners and at the same time Nikon are showing their top end DX userbase that they are far from important. I’ll admit there was the release of the D7100 earlier this year but it seriously lacks in some areas that is not acceptable for the sports / wildlife shooters, for instance the very small buffer.

Amazingly, after putting this post on hold for a day or so, there’s been another announcement. Nikon have elected to release the Nikon D5300, an upgrade to a body that once again was released just ONE YEAR AGO. What are Nikon thinking? They want to dump their high end DX users? I certainly feel like one of the least wanted customers in Nikon’s eyes. Christ, it would be nice if they just told us one way or the other if a proper high end DX body is in the pipeline or not. If it wasn’t for the money already invested I would seriously be considering the jump to Canon.


Nikon what ARE you doing?

Don’t you want our custom?

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