Toby Houlton Photography – Birds Galleries 3

Lining up the Sandeels, Farne Islands, NorthumberlandGuillemot with fish, Farne Islands, NorthumberlandPuffin in flight, Farne Islands, NorthumberlandSiskin in pine, Ardnamurchan, ScotlandClassic Puffin pose, Farne Islands, NorthumberlandSiskin in flight, Ardnamurchan, ScotlandYellowhammer feeding on ground, Ardnamurchan, ScotlandGarden Blackcap portraitBlue Tit gathering wool for nestingMale Blackcap eating from appleBlue Tit with a beak fullMediterranean Gull with leg ringMediterranean Gull in flightBarn Owl diving into the grass at sunsetBarn Owl in evening sunBarn Owl quartering fieldBarn Owl perchedPosing Barn OwlMallard take-off at sunriseMarsh HarrierCalling OystercatcherBlack Headed Gull with successful catchSparrowhawk female with preyKingfisher perched on Pebbles, Rye Harbour nature reserveLittle Egret reflected liftoffGrey Partridge on full alertLittle Egret with catchReflected Little Egret Ringed Plover on pebbles, Rye Harbour nature reserveRinged Plover, Rye Harbour nature reserveMale House Sparrow at bath timeLittle Egret coming in to land, Rye Harbour nature reserveLittle Egret swallowing small fish, Rye Harbour nature reserveGannet collecting grass for nesting - Bempton CliffsGannet in flight with seaweed - Bempton CliffsGannet fly-pastKittiwake with feather - Bempton CliffsRazorbill landing in heavy wind - Bempton CliffsRazorbill in flight on windy day - Bempton CliffsGannet portraitTree Sparrow portraitTree Sparrow with beak full of foodGuillemot in flightPuffin in flightDisplaying Willow WarblerWillow Warbler amongst the gorseWillow Warbler singing in springDisplaying Willow Warbler atop flowering gorseWillow Warbler perched atop gorse sprigGreen Woodpecker in flight