Drinking badger portraitBadger poolside partyBadger pond reflectionBadger drinking reflectionBadger cub pond reflectionBarn Owl in evening sunBarn Owl diving into the grass at sunsetPosing Barn OwlBacklit Bearded TitHigh key Bearded TitSuburban vixen black and white portraitLip smacking fox portraitClose up black and white suburban fox portraitA snarl or a yawn?Fox cub peeping from the undergrowthFox cubs fightingSpotted a badger!Badger watching the fox cubsGreat Crested Grebe in dawn mistGreat Crested Grebe at sunriseSprinting Brown HareRunning Brown HareStarling fight mid-airBarn owl fly pastA barn owl hunts at duskA Common Tern in flight with a fish in beakA Common tern chick begs for the fish the parent has returned withPuffin coming in to landSpotted by a Tawny owlDragon sized bite for little whitethroatsAn avocet feeds in calm waterA Badger sniffs the wet soil looking for wormsBlack Headed Gulls at restA Bittern stalks in front of the reedbedA Greenfinch in mid flightA Migrant Hawker dragonfly in flightA female Sparrowhawk shortly after making a successful killBarn Owl diving into the grass at sunset

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